Music Therapy

You know the song that speaks about you?

What does is say, your song? Maybe it’s about darkness and depression, or all-encompassing anxiety? About being the outsider, separate from others and lonely… Maybe about being different and wrong, like the wrongly shaped piece in a puzzle.

Or it could be about someone looking for themselves, feeling deeply, not finding their place. Someone nervous, striving to do it right, finding the correct way to live. Or maybe about anger, pain and hurt that you’re experienced.

It’s so hard to carry all that. How could it not be?

Music therapy helps you release your pain and process the emotions that are weighing you down, even when you have no words to describe them.


Voice of confidence

Do you often find yourself wishing you felt more confident and able to live your life more fully?

Maybe you’re not quite showing who you really are to other people, worried they’ll judge you and not accept you. Or maybe you tend to try and figure out what people expect of you, keeping your deeper thoughts to yourself in order to not upset anyone.

This individual coaching program is designed to help you find your confidence and get your voice heard.