I work in Helsinki, Finland, and I offer sessions  both online and in my workspace in Lauttasaari.

Voice of confidence

Do you often find yourself wishing you felt more confident and able to live your life more fully?

Maybe you’re not quite showing who you really are to other people, worried they’ll judge you and not accept you. Or maybe you tend to try and figure out what people expect of you, keeping your deeper thoughts to yourself in order to not upset anyone.

This individual coaching program is designed to help you find your confidence and get your voice heard.



For people based in Finland, I offer music therapy for young people between 16-25 as part of Kela’s Rehabilitative psychotherapy program where the client gets compensation for part of the price. My premises are in Kirkkonummi.

Pricing: 87 € (incl. VAT 24 %) / 45 min, deductible 29,40 € (incl. VAT 24%).

If you’re looking for a music therapist, please contact: anni@savelkulku.fi

Deep relaxation

The sound of singing bowls and other therapeutic instruments will help you relax deeply and let your stress and worries melt away.

Individual sessions online through Zoom: 50 € / 45 minutes.

Contact me for booking: anni@savelkulku.fi