Behind stress and overwhelm there are often a lot of factors, only some of which are obvious reasons for stress. The causes that pave the way for stressful situations such as unbearable workloads often go unnoticed, which means that even if something in the external environment changes, you still don’t easily start feeling better. That’s why it’s worth it to dive deeper into yourself and gain a better understanding of your feelings, beliefs and reactions – in order to let go of extra burdens and find a lighter and more balanced life.

How music helps you feel better

In my work I combine therapeutic music and healing sound vibrations in a gentle and empathetic way. The most important elements in my work are:

  • Calming the nervous system and reducing physiological stress reactions
  • Facing and processing your emotions without letting reasoning and analyzation bypass the emotion itself
  • Using body awareness and mindfulness to strengthen self-awareness and the ability to listen to the deeper wisdom within

“I’ve noticed that talking alone doesn’t necessarily reach all experiences and especially emotions, so processing those experiences doesn’t work in discussion therapy. The meditations and mindfulness exercises that were included in the music therapy sessions offered another way to process my experiences and gave me new tools to deal with my feelings.”

Ilona, teacher

Musical methods are especially effective when dealing with emotional blocks and restricting beliefs, as it may be hard to reach emotions and the experiences behind different beliefs with words and your mind alone. Music often works as a shortcut to your emotions, and it helps you both identify emotions as well as process them and release any related blocks and patterns.

Healing sound vibrations on the other hand are especially effective in relieving stress reactions. Their effectiveness is based on resonance and entrainment: When the harmonic sound waves move through the body, it makes your body resonate and release tension. Also the brain reacts; Sound frequencies entrain the brain waves to lower frequencies, helping to reach a calm and meditative state. Harmonic sound also powerfully calms down the nervous system giving the body a chance to restore normal physiological functions that were disturbed by stress responses.

In my work I also use a wide variety of other methods and theories related to holistic well-being. My way of working draws for example from mindfulness and reflexology as well as certain aspects of energy medicine, especially where the mind-body connection is concerned.

Even though music is strongly present in all my work, you don’t need to have any musical abilities to work with me. If you enjoy music, it’s more than enough!