I find that the most important element in my work is that everyone has the right to be who they are, just as they are. Each person is valuable, with all their emotions, moods, capabilities and attributes.

Equity and social justice are important values for me. But just saying so isn’t enough, action is also needed, and embodiment of these values.

I want to offer a safe, non-discriminatory space for my clients, where everyone is free to be unapologetically who they are, without needing to hide, regardless of gender, ethnicity, health or religious beliefs. I also want to mention that I recognize and acknowledge the diversity of sexualities, genders and relationships, and I do my best also in my personal life to respect and spread awareness about them.

I’m also always open to feedback to issues around equity and social justice. I myself belong to a privileged group in many ways, and I’m constantly working towards uncovering my own privileges. So I want to ask you, if you ever notice me somehow breaking safe space, to tell me about it so I can learn and find out more, and do better next time.