Music is meaningful. It touches emotions, carries meanings that are beyond words and connects people.

I graduated as a certified music therapist in 2021. My training includes both psychotherapeutic music therapy and neurological rehabilitation, and I have a service provider contract with Kela (Finnish national health insurance) for rehabilitative psychotherapy (young people between 16-25).

I’ve received my sound healing training from certified sound therapist Merja Valve, and also completed several shorter courses in different healing instruments and therapeutic use of my own voice. I also have a lifetime of experience in music and have finished both the basic education in music and several advanced certification courses in classical piano in Helsinki Conservatory of Music.

In addition, I’ve long held an interest in holistic healing. By now I’ve spent a decade studying and practicing mindfulness and emotional processing, as well as other modalities such as reflexology and NLP. I also hold an M.A. (2006) from the University of Helsinki.


My journey to music

I learned to recognize the power of music already as a child, when I was channeling my emotions with the piano. I’ve played the piano since I was small, and music for me has always been primarily about emotion, not so much about skill and technique.

When I was younger, I believed that music would become a profession for me, but life happened and I didn’t pursue it. It wasn’t time yet.

Since then I’ve changed careers, learned to know myself and found my place. I’m lucky to have the gift of presence and listening, which led me from a technical career towards therapy work. I started studying music therapy and sound healing, and with them I now help others towards better self-awareness and wellbeing.

For me it’s important to do my part in creating a world where everyone can be accepted they way they are. Facing your own painful wounds is often scary, and it’s not possible without feeling safe. I think it’s important for anyone in helping professions – therapist, healer, coach – to connect with their own power, from which it’s safe to be present to another, and on the other hand to have an understanding of their own flaws in order to face those of others.

My work is also heavily influenced by my years of experience in body awareness and mindfulness, which make it possible to connect strongly to yourself and your experiences. Together with sound healing and music therapy, it makes a strong foundation that supports through the biggest storms.

All of us have our own path to better health and psychological wellbeing. That is the journey I want to accompany my clients to, encouraging them to pause and listen to themselves. Because all the answers can be found within you.

One mindful melody at a time towards harmony,




Anni Laine

Musical Mage
music therapist, sound healer, wellness coach
entrepreneur since 2016