Does any of this sound familiar?

Music and sound healing are helpful for many challenges, but I’m at my best helping you if you recognize yourself from one or several of these descriptions:

Or maybe you’re simply in need of a therapist and already know that only talking about your problems won’t solve them. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place.

In order for me to be able to help you, I hope that you...

Have a curious attitude towards holistic well-being and the connection between mind and body
For example the mind-body connection is an important part of how I work with clients. You don’t need to know how it works (that’s my job), but I hope you have an open mind about it.

Feel ready to understand yourself better
It may be easy to find momentary relief for stress, but you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to make permanent changes without going deeper. My work is about helping you find connection to yourself and your deeper needs in order for you to work with the causes and not just symptoms.

Really want to change your life
Because change can happen only when you’re ready for it. It’s completely normal to resist coming face to face with the difficulties in your life, but I’m sure you recognize the feeling when you know things just can’t continue the way they are – otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right?

Understand that change takes time
My goal is to help you find your confidence and make your everyday life easier as fast as possible. However, change is always a process that takes its time, so it’s better not to expect miracles at short notice. Of my clients, those who have committed to several months of work have gained the best results – and very deep therapy processes can take years. In any case, the steps you need to take will start from where you are right now.

No need to feel nervous about music

Music is always present in my work in some form, whether it’s music therapy or any of my other services. However, I don’t expect you to have any kind of musical experience or skills.

When you’re working with me, we always start from your needs and interests, whatever they may be. You can choose from a variety of ways to use music and sound that are easily approachable and fun, yet deeply healing and therapeutic.

If you like music, that’s a plus though!

Please note

In certain situations my help may be limited. It’s good to have a further discussion if you’re experiencing either of the following:

You have untreated difficult trauma
Although my methods always trauma-informed, in severe and previously untreated cases it may better to find a trauma therapist first. In music therapy it’s of course always possible to treat trauma but do note that I’m not a licensed trauma therapist.

You are susceptible to psychosis
Working with healing sound vibrations may affect the consciousness in a way that doesn’t fit people who are susceptible to psychosis. Please let me know if you are, so I can choose other, safer ways to work with you.


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