Are you looking for more energy?

If after an exhausting work day you come home to take care of the family for the rest of the day, paying much attention to your own well-being is easily just another chore. On the outside your life seems to be fine, but you feel drained.

You’ve probably been yearning for a lighter life for quite a while, so that you could enjoy your life and it wouldn’t feel so much like a chore. But it’s hard to find ways to change your life better in the long run.

Your situation is probably complex, with many layers, so the solutions are not evident but lie below the surface. But it is fully possible to find more joy in you life!

I guide you to find your own answers within yourself using therapeutic music and sound. You don’t need any musical training or skills. You’re welcome exactly as you are!

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In a sound healing session the sound of the instruments resonates in your body gently yet powerfully. It was easy to notice how tightness was released both from the body and the mind. After the session I was feeling light and calm.

Suvi, Yoga Instructor

Anni guides her clients open-mindedly on a journey into themselves, and to soundscapes which you couldn’t have dreamed of in advance.

Jan, Information Management Designer